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Capturing precious moments from the beginning

Your bundle of joy is finally here! Now that your miracle has arrived, it’s time to start your memory journey with a Studio Newborn Photography session. The first year of your child’s life passes so quickly and there’s no better way to capture the innocence of a humble beginning than with one-of-a-kind portraits of your little one. There is nothing better than helping parents remember how special those first few weeks are. Your family’s safety and comfort are my number one concern. I offer a worry-free experience for your family, ensuring a relaxed, flexible, and memorable time for everyone.


Sessions are scheduled between 7-14 days old. For boys, if you plan on circumcising, we will schedule your session before the procedure or at least 5 days after. Each session may last up to 3 hours as I tend to work slowly with your baby to ensure they are always cozy and comfortable. Newborn safety is my number one priority. I’ve trained with some of the best photographers in the industry and have completed numerous workshops on safety and posing. Your baby will never be placed in an unsafe pose. Everything in my studio is sanitized and washed thoroughly after each session. These sessions aren't meant to be stressful so please come Sit, Relax, and Enjoy while I work with your newborn - they are in safe hands!


Your session is stylized based on your color preference. I will provide the highest quality of luxurious accessories and props so you won’t have to worry about bringing anything with you but your family.

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