Child Milestone

Every moment matters

The nights may be long, but the years are painfully short. There are so many special times in a child’s life that can and should be commemorated with spectacular images, highlighting the memorable times for your family. Child Milestone Portraits are the ideal way to create lasting memories for all of your child’s major occasions like a sitter session, cake smash, or a simple studio session.


Everything to know about a sitter session

A sitter session is done when your child has learned to sit up unassisted typically around 6-9 months. These sessions take place at my studio located in Green Valley and are scheduled within two weeks of your little one mastering the milestone of sitting up. What makes these sessions so much fun is that babies around this stage are becoming very smiley, playful, and curious. So we usually get great big smiles and fun expressions.


Everything to know about a cake smash session

There is no better way to celebrate your child's first birthday than with a cake smash session! These sessions are scheduled 3-4 weeks before their first birthday. This will allow enough time for edits and for you to receive your images to share with your family and friends.

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